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3-Wheeled Schedule

2024 Classes Are Now Registering!

We do have a limited number of 3 wheeled motorcycles available for use for the class. If you would like to use your own, Spyders, Rykers, or standard style trikes may be used. Please see below to ensure your 3 wheeled motorcycle meets the criteria for the class.


Please select from the class list below to register for your class.

Class schedule consists of an online e-course (included with the tuition), and two days of in-person rider training. The e-course must be completed within 30 days of the start of your class. 

Classes run on Saturday and Sunday, from 7:59 AM to 12:00 PM. 

Tuition is $399.

Please see our Rescheduling Policy for any questions.

3WMC Requirements:


A 3WMC must meet the following design requirements:
- 3-track wheel orientation (leaves three separate tracks in straight-line operation; cannot have four or more wheels).
- Dual wheels may be front or rear.
- Motorcycle-based conversion or design.
– Handlebar steering.
– Motorcycle-type controls arranged with the standard convention (convenience alterations such as a single brake pedal         or lever control, automatic clutch, or automatic transmission are allowed).
– Saddle seating.
– Seating causes rider/passenger to straddle vehicle.
– If designed for a passenger, passenger seat must be seated behind operator.
– Engines must be mounted mid-frame below the rider.
- Turning diameter of the vehicle must be less than 40 feet.
- The vehicle must meet all applicable federal/state on-road vehicle standards.


Under no circumstances will vehicles with the following design characteristics be allowed in
the 3WBRC:
- Automotive hybrids or automotive conversions.
- Vehicles with automotive-type controls or seating.
- Vehicles with rear or front mounted engines.
- Vehicles with enclosed or semi-enclosed riding compartments.
- Any other significant departure from the standard motorcycle design

-Piaggio MP3 or sidecar configurations

Course is located at Elbit Systems of America, 220 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack, NH

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