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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

About 18 hours including lunch and breaks.

Do I get my license after I take this course?

We issue a completion card from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.


For New Hampshire residents, you also recieve a state of NH completion card. You then take this card to the Department of Motor Vehicles and pay to get the motorcycle endorsement on your license.


For Massachusetts residents, you need to get your motorcycle permit and pay your license fee prior to the course. We will collect these and submit them to the State on your behalf. They will mail you your new license with the endorsement in about 7 - 10 days.


For Maine and Vermont, we will issue you a completion card that you will bring to the DMV in your state. This card waives the riding portion of the test but you may still have to take a written test.

Do I have to take the State's driving test to get my license?

No, the State of New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and others will waive that requirement with the completion card we give you. 

What about a 3-Wheeled License?

If you successfully meet the objectives of the 3 Wheeled course, you will be issued a 3 Wheeled completion card. In NH and Massachusetts, this will give you a motorcycle endorsement with a 3-wheel restriction. You cannot operate a 2 wheeled motorcycle with this restriction. Maine does not have a 3-wheel restriction so if you pass this class, you will be issued a standard motorcycle license. 

Does each student get to use a different motorcycle or do we have to share?

Each student will be assigned a motorcycle and you will likely ride the same motorcycle for the entire course.  There are enough motorcycles so you will not have to share.

If I have my own motorcycle, can I use it in this course?

Yes, if it is in good condition, insured, registered and inspected, you can use it for this course. Course fee remains the same. No one else in the course will be allowed to ride your motorcycle during any course activity. You can also use a scooter with these same guidelines.   We will have a training motorcycle available for you should you become uncomfortable with your larger motorcycle.

What will I need to bring to this course?

For range activity you will need to wear sturdy over the ankle footwear, full fingered gloves, long sleeves, long pants, eye protection and a DOT approved helmet if you have one. If not, we have helmets for you to use.

Does everyone pass this course?

Over 90% of the people pass the first time.

Do I have to retake the entire course if I don't pass?

No, we offer students the opportunity to come back and repeat the riding portion of the portion again along with a re-take of the skills evaluation. The classroom portion does not have to be repeated. This course is $ 75.00 and includes the use of a motorcycle. 

Is there any advanced training available?

Yes, we also offer an Experienced Rider Course. For this course you will be riding your own motorcycle. It is one day of range activities.

Can I become an instructor?

Yes, we need experienced riders to help us train other riders. Call us at 1-800-503-MOST (6678) for details.

What if my question wasn't answered here?

Contact us with your question, or call us at 1-800-503-MOST (6678) and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What kind of motorcycles are used in the course?

We have a variety of motorcycles for student use. We can accomodate student needs with our selection of Suzuki GZ250, Kawasaki BN125, Honda Nighthawk 250, and Suzuki TU250 motorcycles.

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