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Basic Rider Course

This course is aimed at beginner riders who have obtained their regular driver's license or have completed a driver's education course. 


A minimum of five hours of online classroom instruction prepares you for up to eleven hours of practical riding in a controlled off-street environment, typically a parking lot that is free of obstacles and traffic. A motorcycle and helmet are available and included in your tuition.


An online eCourse must be completed before your first day of class. 

In the classroom you will learn about the different types of motorcycles, their controls, how they are operated and how to become a responsible rider. You'll also learn how alcohol and drugs adversely affect your ability to ride safely.

Suzuki GZ250

The course concludes with a knowledge test and a riding skills evaluation. Once your Rider Coach hands you the course completion card, you will be happy knowing that you have gone the extra mile to develop your own safe riding techniques. This is a license waiver course for New Hampshire as well as many other states. Upon successful completion, no further testing is required to obtain your motorcycle endorsement.


For the 2 day classes, classroom and range exercises start on Saturday at 8:00 am sharp. On Sunday,  we are back on the motorcycles on again at 8:00 am sharp.  



What to Wear

  • Long pants (solid construction, no yoga pants, no rips)

  • Over the ankle sturdy footwear

  • Long sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Full-fingered gloves

  • Eye protection

  • DOT approved helmet - we can provide you with a helmet if you need one


You must have all of these in order to participate in the class.

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