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Intermediate Rider Course

The Intermediate Rider Course is a half day course for riders who have taken the Basic Rider Course and want some more practice. It is also for those students who may not have passed the skill evaluation the first time and want a chance to practice some more and retake the skill evaluation.

We offer this class for free to students who have taken the Basic Rider Course with us within the last year. For students who have taken their Basic Rider Course with another program, we charge $75 for the class.

Please call us at 800-503-6678 or use the contact form to get more info or to register for this class.


What to Wear

  • Long pants

  • Over the ankle sturdy footwear

  • Long sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Full-fingered gloves

  • Eye protection

  • DOT approved helmet - we can provide you with a helmet if you need one


You must have all of these in order to participate in the class.

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